Land Permitting

Land Permitting

Learn & apply for shareholder, BBNC, and non-shareholder permits.

Permits Overview

Thank you for ensuring you have obtained the correct land use permit for your desired use of Choggiung Ltd. Lands. All uses of Choggiung Ltd lands require a permit. The permit is used for communicating the rules associated with our lands and to account for use of our lands for funding and grant opportunities.

Permit holders fall under three categories with some exceptions. Please see the categories on this page.

All permits may be obtained in-person from our main office in Dillingham, the upriver Headquarters on the Nushagak River, and at the Caretakers Quarters located at Snake Lake.
(907) 531-4026
104 Main Street, Suite 201, Dillingham, AK 99576-0330

Land Accessor Categories

Please see the below categories to determine which type of permit you are eligible for. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Category I: Choggiung Ltd./BBNC Shareholders

The following will have full access to all activities on Choggiung Ltd. Lands that are not restricted to commercial use only:

  • Choggiung Ltd. Shareholders, descendants, and spouses.
  • Bristol Bay Native Corporation (BBNC) Shareholders, descendants, and spouses
Category II: ANSCA Corp. Shareholders & Tribal Members

With restrictions, the following have full access to all activities on Choggiung Ltd. lands that are not restricted to commercial use only. They must be a resident** of the community and provide proof of shareholder or member status.Fees may apply.

  • ANCSA Corporation Shareholders other than Choggiung Ltd. and BBNC, descendants, and spouses.
  • Tribal Members, descendants, and spouses.
Category III: Non-Shareholders

Non-shareholders are allowed full access to all activities on Choggiung Ltd. lands that are not restricted to commercial use only; however, only have limited access only on land west of the Wood River. Limited access does not allow for the hunting of big game i.e., moose and caribou. Limited access only allows for all other activities associated with and including the foraging of plants, berries, and the hunting of small game.


If a Shareholder is unable to participate in big game hunting, a Special Permit shall be issued to a non-shareholder proxy holder if the following are met:

  • Shareholder is blind, 65 years of age or older, physically disabled, or who is developmentally disabled may be eligible to have a resident** hunt for them.
  • Proxy must present a completed and approved ADF&G Proxy Authorization Form.

Permit Types & Applications

Shareholders of Choggiung Ltd. and BBNC, descendants, and spouses are exempted from fees (except for boat launch fees). All others, including Category II and Category III, are subject to the following fee schedule. You may apply and pay online for a permit, or visit our Dillingham Office.

Available Terms
Individual Permit Fee
Permit Fee
Day Land Use Permit
All activities except hunting & camping
Day Permit
Online Application Coming Soon
Annual Camping/Hunting Permit
All activities including hunting & camping
Annual Pass
Jan 1 - Dec 31
Online Application Coming Soon
Seasonal Camping/Hunting Permit
All activities including hunting & camping
Hunting Season Aug 1 - Dec 31
Online Application Coming Soon
Boat Launch Permit
Use of Snake Lake Boat Launch
Season May-Sep
$50 - Day
$100 - Season
$300 - Annual
Online Application Coming Soon
Special Use Permit
Contact Land Manager

Additional Fees:

  • If purchased from a Choggiung Land Use Permit Agent while the agent is on patrol: double the regular fee
  • If asked to have Choggiung Limited bill for permit fee: $30 additional
  • Day Land Use Permits and Camping/Hunting Permits do not include boat launch access. A separate permit must be purchased for ths activity.

Nushagak River Land Use Program

In a spectacular display of nature, the worlds largest run of King Salmon return yearly to the Nushagak River, attracting anglers from around the world. The Nushagak also hosts runs of chum, sockeye, pink, silver salmon and native populations of rainbow, grayling, char, pike and white fish. The relatively uncrowded river and its abundance of fish is what makes the Nushagak a unique destination for avid anglers.

Through its Nushagak River Land Use Program, Choggiung allows private and a limited amount of commercial permits to utilize its land along the Nushagak River. Choggiung monitors its land and land owned by Bristol Bay Native Corporation, Ekwok, and Stuyahok village corporations along the Nushagak River. This provides consistent monitoring for trespassing from Dillingham to Harris Creek on the Nuyakuk River and up the Mulchatna River to the confluence of the New Stuyahok River. Individual Land Use Permits can be obtained at Choggiung’s office in Dillingham and Nushagak River Headquarters just below Portage Creek.

Operators with 24/7 camps on the Nushagak River

Alaska Kingfishers

Alaska Salmon Camp

Fish the Nush

Jake’s Nushagak Salmon Camp

King Salmon Outfitters

Toman’s King Camp

Operators with established fly-in camps on the Nushagak River

Alaska Rainbow Lodge

Alaska Sportsman’s Lodge

Aleknagik Island Lodge

Bear Trail Lodge

Crystal Creek Lodge

Frigate Adventure Travel

Mission Lodge

Rainbow King Lodge

Newhalen Lodge

Rapids Camp

Tikchik Narrows Lodge

Which permit is right for you?

Land-Use Permit

General land use permit for activities including hunting, camping, fishing, hiking, and more. Online applications for this permit are coming soon.

Contact to Apply

Snake Lake Boat Launch

Apply for daily, seasonal, or annual use of the Snake Lake Boat Launch.

Contact to Apply

Woodcutting Permit

Shareholder woodcutting permit for personal, non-commercial use.

Contact to Apply

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