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Choggiung Land Restrictions Starting in August

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Restricted Land in Dillingham

July 15, 2022

Dear Leaders of the Dillingham Region,

Please disseminate this important land use information to your employees and community. Please direct any questions or comments you may receive to the e-mail below.

As we approach the moose and caribou hunting seasons, I want to inform the Choggiung Ltd. Shareholders and members of the surrounding communities that beginning August 1, 2022, the restriction to Choggiung Ltd. land west of the Wood River (see map below) will be in affect again this year and will continue until further notice. As a reminder, all persons traversing Choggiung Ltd. lands will need to have a current Land Use Permit (Fees may apply).

Category I: The following will have full access to all activities on Choggiung Ltd. Land west of the Wood River regardless of residency:

  • Choggiung Ltd. Shareholders, descendants, and spouses.
  • BBNC (Bristol Bay Native Corporation) Shareholders, descendants, and spouses.

Category II: The following have full access to all activities on Choggiung Ltd. land west of the Wood River provided they are a resident* of the community and exhibit proof of shareholder or Tribal member status. (Fees will apply).

  • All other ANCSA (Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act) Corporation Shareholders, descendants, and spouses not included in Category I.
  • All Alaskan Tribal Members, descendants, and spouses.

Category III: Shareholders that are unable to take part in big game hunting, a Special Permit may be issued to a non-shareholder by proxy. **The following criteria must be met:

  • Shareholder is blind, 65 years of age or older, physically disabled, or who is developmentally disabled.
  • Proxy must be a resident*.
  • Proxy must exhibit a completed and approved ADF&G (Alaska Department of Fish and Game) Proxy Authorization Form.

Category IV: Non-shareholders will have limited access to Choggiung Ltd. land west of the Wood River. This access does not allow hunting of big game i.e., moose and caribou. This access only permits hiking, camping, and other activities associated with and including the foraging of plants, berries, small game hunting (grouse, ptarmigan, hare species), and predator hunting (bear and wolf; not permitted during moose and caribou hunting seasons).

* A resident is an individual residing within the Nushagak River, Wood River, or Togiak River drainages for no less than one calendar year prior to the permit year.

** Adapted from ADF&G Proxy Hunting Regulation

To address any questions or concerns please contact the Choggiung Ltd. Land Department:


Phone: (907) 842-5218


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Mark J. Bielefeld
Land Manager, Choggiung Ltd.

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