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Dancers on a field near Dillingham Alaska
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50th Annual Meeting of Shareholders

Shareholders, please join us on August 10 at 11am at the Dillingham Elementary School for our 50th Annual Shareholder Meeting. Registration begins at 10am.
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Summary of the 49th Annual Meeting of Shareholders

Review the 2023 General Shareholder Meeting vote results and other information.
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Press Release

Open Enrollment Begins

Choggiung Descendant Enrollment application via BBNC Descendant Registry portal is now online! Choggiung Board of Directors will approve new stock issuance on a rolling basis going forward.
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Choggiung Youth Board Program Application

Choggiung Limited’s leadership is devoted to fostering the growth of our younger shareholders. The Board of Directors has approved the Choggiung Youth Board Program.
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N&N Customer Credit Balances

The following are lists of people who had N&N credit balances, which are either transferred to checks or AC store gift cards.
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Choggiung awarded $29.5 million National Telecommunications and Information Association (NTIA) Broadband grant

Choggiung, Limited (“Choggiung”) is excited to announce that they have been awarded a $29,532,501 Tribal Broadband Connectivity Program Infrastructure Deployment grant through the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (“NTIA”).
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Choggiung Land Restrictions Starting in August

July 15, 2022 Dear Leaders of the Dillingham Region, Please disseminate this important land use information to your employees and community. Please direct any questions or comments you may receive to the e-mail below.


In our effort to save on administrative costs and minimize the effects on our environment, we are beginning to send biannual newsletters and other shareholder mail-outs electronically. We will continue to send the Annual Report and Proxy information to you by mail. If you need to update your email address, please contact Shareholder Services.

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