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Choggiung Youth Board Program Application

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Choggiung Limited’s leadership is devoted to fostering the growth of our younger shareholders. The Board of Directors has approved the Choggiung Youth Board Program. This is a great news for our shareholders, this program is to provide youth with a practical and meaningful experience in Alaska Native Corporate board governance. It is designed to educate and empower young shareholders to become active members in our communities through development of leadership skills, problem-solving, and collaboration with the Choggiung Board of Directors to positively impact the future for Choggiung, Limited. The program will provide a forum to Alaska Native youth to develop their professional skills, become engaged in their communities, and promote economic, cultural, and social development through education, mentorship, experience, and job training. It will provide hands-on training and guidance to our shareholders, and its goal is to help them become effective leaders who will strengthen our organization and its communities. We are excited to launch this program as we continue to improve our community.

To be eligible you must be a Choggiung Shareholder and between the age of 16-25 years of old.

This is a one-year commitment for Choggiung Shareholder Native youth to gain professional leadership skills and Training.

Application Package Requirements:

ApplicationResumeRecommendation LetterReference ListApplication Deadline 17 November 2023

Submit your application @

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Mary Barnes @ or Darrell Delacruz @

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