Shareholder Benefits

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oung dancers in vibrant traditional regalia with beaded headdresses and fur perform a cultural dance on a lush green lawn, their feathered fans raised in a moment of joyous expression.

Annual Events

Annual Meeting of Shareholders

Choggiung Limited holds it’s Annual Meeting of Shareholders on the last Saturday in September for the purpose of electing Directors, to consider affairs of the corporation, and for the transaction of other business that may come before the meeting.

Last Saturday in September

Annual Voting

A proxy statement is sent to every voting Shareholder, along with the Annual Report mailing. The proxy statement is required by Alaska state statutes to solicit votes from Shareholders. The proxy statement includes voting procedures, board candidate information, board and executive compensation and instructions on how to vote your proxy for the candidate(s) of your choice.

August and September

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Courage · Respect For Alaska Native Culture